Our Philosophy

We believe that self love is a rebellious act.  That each time we make a choice to truly care for ourselves, it is our one-person-protest against the billions of dollars spent in marketing each year, to convince us that we aren't good enough, so that we will buy x product to be worthy.  Eff that!  

We also believe that each choice we make, is an opportunity to honor the gift of being alive! 

Food is the most basic way we fuel our body, so rather than stuffing it full of junk, let's celebrate all it does for us by giving it the true nourishment it needs!  

Nourishment beyond food

We also know that it takes more than just food to live a truly nourished life.  Our relationships, career, spirituality, education, creativity, movement (i.e. exercise) and financial wellbeing, all play a role in how we feel.  In truth, no amount of kale will make you happy if you hate your job or are constantly stressedout about bills.

We hope to inspire you to create a life that feels intentional and fulfilling.  Purchase one of the life-changing books we have for sale, attend one of our workshops, join our run-club, meet friends at the juice bar for #healthyhapphour or simply come and chat with one of the amazing individuals behind the counter.

Jeni's Vision

Nourish Juice Bar was created as part of my dream of cultivating a kick-ass-sisterhood of amazing women.  A space where women can nourish themselves in all ways.  Through delicious-nutrient-rich food, great conversation and self exploration--check out the killer list of self development books that fill our shelves or one of the workshops on our events calendar.

What I hope is that when you walk through our doors you feel at home, you feel safe and most of all, you know for certain, that you are enough.

Welcome to the Sisterhood.  Drink up!

For all the woke men out there helping women rise, we love you and welcome you!